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How to decorate your art nicely with your interior


Decorate in the dining room
Coordinating art that appeals to families, tea parties, and food parties.

Dining is where you eat and take energy into your body. It is a place to create a source of energy every day. If you arrange art that can charge energy with food, you will be more energetic both physically and mentally. We recommend colorful and bright works suitable for a fun dining table and works with vitality. Rikk Darling's work next to the dining table is a color reminiscent of fresh fruits and vegetables, but the white background gives it a light impression. Macaroons of the same color as the art are lined up, and it seems that chatting at the tea party will be lively. If you get tired of arranging multiple small works, you can enjoy different ways by changing the layout or decorating each one in a different place.

◉ Interior color palette
Art that combines hospitality with living and dining.

Photographs of colorful flowers for a lively and healthy dining atmosphere. The white background and the black frame give it a mature and elegant look. If you decorate such art in spring, which is the beginning season, it will bring in fresh air to the room. Depending on the climate, the work you want to decorate will feel different. Something that suits the summer sun, something that adds warmth to the winter. Just like changing clothes at the turn of the season, why not change the art that decorates your room depending on the season? You can easily replace it by decorating it while leaning against the shelf like the two points in the center. In addition, it is perfect for living and dining to relax because it is not too clever and gives a feeling of relaxation. Tsutomu Takasaki's Breath. Series is a work that reflects the bonds of people on intertwined plants. The joy of living while feeling the breath of someone by your side. If you decorate it in the dining room where your family gathers, it will remind you of the important existence that you usually take for granted. In addition, there is a sofa that doubles as a living room in the foreground. This photo is the angle when the customer came and sat on the sofa. It's perfect for hospitality.

◉ Interior color palette
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