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Splash Painting

Alexandre Imai was born to Toshimitsu Imai, one of Japan's leading Western-style painters, and his Austrian mother. His father, Toshimitsu Imai, was based in Paris and Japan, introducing the Informal movement to Japan and was active in the fusion of Japanese painting. Alexandre Imai has established a world of splash painting by drawing his father's lineage and further merging Informalism in Paris with traditional Japanese culture. In addition, he is an artist with various styles, and when he thinks that he also has a pop expression with a rough touch, he has an elegance sense that combines boldness and delicacy. The fine-grained splashes are not violent and angry at all, but the sound of relaxation seems to be heard in the silence, reminiscent of elegant Japanese traditional culture.

* Informal = French: Art infomel, meaning atypical art.

Alexandre Imai / Painting / Splash Painting 11

  • This work is the only original original picture in the world.
    Wooden frame (black) using transparent acrylic / frame outer dimensions 442 mm x 563 mm (half-cut) / paper, acrylic paint, gold leaf / statement, with gallery certificate / * The color of the product may differ from the actual product depending on the condition of the display you are viewing. Please note that there may be differences.

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