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高根 友香

Yuka Takane


I am always amazed at the beauty of nature.

Plants such as flowers, details of insects, the mysterious appearance of Mt. Fuji, the size of the sea and the ever-changing facial expressions, the lush green air of the mountains, the unfathomable greatness of the sun, the bewitching and mysterious moon, ,,.


There is no sharpness when counting up. Creatures in the natural world live with Toki. When the toki is full, it blooms, seeds, drops in the soil, and when the season comes, it sprouts. Then the relay of life is just repeated. The big relay of life is dramatic and you can't take your eyes off it.

Insects and plants are especially familiar to me. Colors and shapes of insects and plants, atmosphere, appearance, hair growth, patterns. How to get eyes for insects, how to seed for plants ... The beautiful pattern of the dragonfly's wings seems to have meaning one by one. Wow! The more I see it, the more why? why? "I'm excited and excited." In this way, my curiosity is aroused more and more.


The "exciting and exciting", surprising discoveries and touching things are included in the work. And I want you to notice the awesomeness of nature around you. Even in the small nature that I can't see because I'm busy every day, there are a lot of "exciting excitement" rolling around. "

Every shape has its own meaning.

Yuka Takane, who likes insects and plants, finds beauty in her daily life from a unique perspective. It seems that each shape has its own meaning, but you may be interested in the greatness of nature and arouse your curiosity. When living in the city, everyone makes a fuss if insects come into the room. If you take the position of a bug, you should just be doing your best to live. Modern people who are crazy about selfishness may not notice even if they trample on insects and weeds at their feet. Please enjoy the gentle and mysterious world of Yuka Takane, who carves a copper plate while envisioning a great relay of life that is born and disappears.


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