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How to decorate your art nicely with your interior

Bath Room

Decorate the toilet

The first step in decorating art is from the toilet.

If you are buying art for the first time, why not buy one small one and decorate a small space first. It's nice to decorate a large space such as the living room with large art, but for the first time, it may be a little courageous. Many of the small works are easy to buy, and I think you can easily decorate them. Then, first of all, I get used to everyday with art. So where should we decorate it? Recommended places are toilets and washrooms. Compared to the living room and dining room, the toilet is relatively clean, isn't it? In other words, if something happens, it will look great. A private space where you can always enter the toilet every day. Even if you spend less time, it is an important space for relaxing and refreshing. If there was my favorite art there, it would be a more relaxing space than ever before. You may be able to take a break and come up with some good ideas. In addition, although the toilet is a private space, it may be seen by customers when they come. If the toilet is nice, it will give you a very good impression and you will feel comfortable using it. If you don't have any other strong rugs, colorful pieces are a good choice. It is also recommended to display multiple small works in a row. There is no place to decorate art! I should have thought, but I think you will be surprised that you can enjoy it even in such a small space.

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