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Free immersion synthesis service
I want to decorate art.
But what should I choose?
In order not to regret after purchasing art
Recommended for people like this.

Some candidates

There is, but

I'm at a loss.

In the room

I'm worried whether it suits the atmosphere.

Balance with the interior

I want to confirm.

First of all, please send us a photo of your room.
Please send us the photo data that shows the wall and space of the room where you want to decorate the art.
If possible, please let us know the size of some of the furniture in the picture.
For example, if you know the left and right width of the sofa, the scale will be more accurate when synthesizing the immersion.
Please let us know if you have decided on some of the usual art.
We will send you an immersion composite photo as shown in the example below.
Finally, please let us know your favorite composite photo.
This service is free, so you can cancel it if you don't like it.
In addition, we do not accept trials by other companies in the same industry.
Please upload and send the photo using the form below.
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