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Mush Tokuoka
Takeshi Ono
Tsutomu Takasaki
​Imai Alexandre
Takayoshi Oshida
Takeshi Ono / GAIA

July 24th (Wednesday) -August 4th (Sunday), 2013
Today's Japan has developed rapidly by incorporating the civilization of the world, but we want to cherish the traditional spirituality of Japan. The title was dared to be GAIA because of the spirit of eight million gods who accept both the West and the East.

June 5th (Wednesday) -16th (Sunday), 2013
Why does silence make us uneasy? Do people eliminate silence under the obsession of having to do something? Enjoy the world of silver halide prints that will calm your mind.

Naoyuki Noda / Trajectory ▶ Miracle ▶ start rails

February 27th (Wednesday) -March 24th (Sunday), 2013
Naoyuki Noda stayed in the mountains in the cold sky and continued to shoot the starry sky for hours. Eventually, it became bulky and created the art of drawing stars from ordinary astrophotography. When you confront the work that depicts the miracle of this star, you will be struck by a mysterious sensation of being surrounded by space. Would you like to be wrapped in a drawing of light once?

December 5th (Wednesday) -16th (Sunday), 2012
When you open your hands and look up, you will see various silhouettes of light on the back of your closed eyelids, and when you are immersed in a nostalgic world, a pleasant breeze will grab your cheeks.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012-Sunday, December 2, 2012
Find beauty in the natural world that you are accustomed to, such as insects and plants, and enclose it in prints. When the toki is full, it blooms, seeds, drops it in the soil, and when the season comes, it sprouts and repeats the relay of life.

September 5th (Wednesday) -September 30th (Sunday), 2012
A Danish female painter who draws a rippling light in the night sky. Her abstract paintings are not enclosed in a frame, but rather as if they were popping out of the canvas and spreading to the wall.

July 11th (Wednesday) -August 5th (Sunday), 2012
Alexandre Imai, the world of splash painting. You can hear the sound of relaxation in the silence that combines boldness and delicacy, reminiscent of elegant traditional Japanese culture.

June 27th (Wednesday) -July 8th (Sunday), 2012
Feel another White, which is different from White, which is separated into 0s and 1s in the digital society. If you feel it with your own eyes, you will surely feel comfortable.

April 18th (Wednesday) -May 6th (Sunday), 2012
The fragments of memory that everyone has will wander in the silence of dreams and the real world, and will be suddenly awakened unconsciously. Crack imagined breaking through cracks in the real world and looking into the fantasy world through the gaps.

May 30th (Wednesday) -June 17th (Sunday), 2012
While the infinite colors are flooding the world, it seems that the subtle tones and the trajectory of the droplets drawn only in black and white are screaming "I want to live".

December 7th (Wednesday) -18th (Sunday), 2011
It seems that ephemeral and beautiful things coexist. When you put dead leaves on your palm, this decaying process that makes a loud noise and breaks may be beautiful.

December 7th (Wednesday) -18th (Sunday), 2011
During the exhibition of Life in collaboration with Tsutomu Takasaki, the gallery will have the scent of Parfum Satori, and the theme of the photographic work will be the image of dead leaves in the forest and wetlands on the ground.

October 1st (Wednesday) -16th (Sunday), 2011
While the infinite colors are flooding the world, it seems that the subtle tones and the trajectory of the droplets drawn only in black and white are screaming "I want to live".

November 2nd (Wednesday) -13th (Sunday), 2011
This is a ruin left behind by people, unlike modern industrial waste. I've come to hear the word healing a lot, probably because people want silence.

September 7th (Wednesday) -19th (Sunday), 2011
This time, I expressed the gap between dreams and reality in a world that cannot be said to be color or monochrome. If you look at the people who pose for the camera and the lovely smiling Parisians, you can see how attractive Mush Tokuoka is on this side of the camera.

May 10th (Tuesday) -May 21st (Saturday), 2011
When I'm exhausted from swimming in the ocean of life, I suddenly turn around and find an important person there. You can overcome any predicament if you have someone to snuggle up to. It is a group of works that can have such hope.

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