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How to decorate your art nicely with your interior


Decorate at the entrance

Make use of the end of the corridor to decorate.

Even if the room is full of things, there is always a small amount of clean space in the house. It's a corridor. The corridor is a passage that connects rooms, but it's a waste to keep it as a passage! If you decorate the art, it will be a space where you will feel a little joy every time you pass by. Visitors can also enjoy it before entering the room. The merit of decorating the corridor is that you do not have to worry about the balance with furniture and the atmosphere of the interior as much as other rooms. In the case of a condominium, it is recommended to simply decorate one point between the doors, or to arrange multiple walls in a gallery. The end of the corridor is seen from the front, so it's a perfect place to decorate art. This work by Rikke Darling is vertically long and clean, but has an eye-catching presence. The orange color that makes you feel the sun and fire and the transparency that seems to shine brightly illuminate the corridor, and it seems as if you are calling customers from the other side, and you will be sucked in.

◉ Interior color palette

Start and end the day with highly spiritual art.

The front door is the last place you see when you leave the house, and the first place you see when you come back from the outside. It's an important place like the face of the house. It's not a place where you spend a lot of time like in the living room, so we recommend something with a strong impact. Those with a slightly stronger impression play a role like a talisman, and a corner like a power spot is completed. Shiroki's work using ink has a dignified personality and has a modernity that suits modern condominiums. When I say "I'm going" every morning, my feelings are tightened, and when I come back "I'm home", I feel like I'm protecting my house. The entrance tends to get dirty with shoes and umbrellas, but decorating the art seems to have the effect of naturally keeping the surrounding area clean. If the entrance is clean, it seems that good luck will come into the house.

◉ Interior color palette
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