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Adam Weston

Adam Adam  Weston

Lightness of Being

A fractal texture that continues forever to the ends of the universe.
Mono print series.
From Deep Space to "lightness of existence".

My masterpiece of Adam Weston is Deep Space. Outer space, which seems to be far from the earth, seems to have something to do with people's bodies and minds. My greatest interest in my creation is that these distant macro and micro worlds are connected in an inseparable relationship. My curiosity goes to the mystery of the series of textures that lead to these. Galaxy, lightning bolts running in the sky, trees rooted in the earth, leaf veins, coral in the sea, blood vessels flowing through our body, nerve cells, etc. It is connected. Deep Space represents a fractal texture that goes on to the ends of the universe infinitely and forever. Furthermore, this Lightness of Being monoprint series has the same theme as Deep Space, and was produced in a light style.

The technique is even lighter.

From painting to monoprinting.

These Lightness of Being monoprint series are special works that embody a concept or idea that has come to my mind for over a year. Over the years, I have slowly expanded my imagination on how to put ideas that have been warmed up for a long time into shape. My focus was on color and texture. This is the latest work created by combining three-dimensional expression and original technique using an etching press machine made in the United States at a studio in NY. The monoprint series here is based on one three-dimensional texture mold, drawn on each plate by my hand and transferred to Strathmore's paper, and each one is unique. Yes, each work is a one-of-a-kind original work.


As a tool of hospitality, as an intellectual play for adults,

Let's decorate the real art.

VIGLOWA proposes art that suits the interior. Unlike the fake that is sold in the interior shop, it is a real fine art. The difference is whether the artist is able to reflect the statements and themes of his life in his work. At first, I think it's good if you can only appreciate the work and feel something. If you read the statement further and put the work in your daily life, you will develop empathy every time you see it. Adam Weston's art also plays a very important role in hospitality. For example, is it possible for customers to come and answer the question, "What does this art represent?" How do you respond? If you answer "Come on?", That's it. If you can answer "Adam's work has this meaning ...", your intelligence will be upgraded. 

Message from Adam Weston.

I have been painting since I was 6 years old, but when I was 6 years old, I had a big accident wandering between life and death. This experience began to interest me in what life is and its relevance to everything that exists on Earth. After that, leaf veins, tree roots, coral in the sea, nerve cells, blood vessels ... I began to be impressed with the series of patterns that led to these. The fact that everything that is alive (including the earth, the universe, etc.) is connected by a certain pattern. In my work, I express all the connections through these.

After his parents divorced, he left NY to spend time in Eastport, Maine, the farthest part of the United States. The nature that I enjoyed there, and the islands of Hawaii and Oahu that I have recently visited. We are pouring the learning and energy gained from these natures into our works.

In 2003, he married a Japanese wife and moved his base from NY to Kagawa, Japan. And I had a fateful encounter with the lacquer that had a great influence on my work. In order to bring the life of the process of erosion and accumulation that takes place in nature to my work, I have begun to incorporate the process of layering and scraping colors. By chance, I came to live in Kagawa prefecture and met lacquer and received a big gift.

I grew up in New York, but because of my father's influence, I have an inseparable relationship with Japanese culture, and I was greatly influenced by Japanese art. I was very interested in and influenced by nature worship, which has been passed down in Japan for a long time, and art such as Hokusai. There are countless things I have received from Japan. I would like to share my respect and gratitude for nature, life, and the earth with you through my work.


Deep Space 

Outer space that seems to be far from the earth. And our body and mind.

My greatest interest in my creations is these distant macro and micro worlds.
It means that they are tied in an inseparable relationship.

And my curiosity goes to the mystery of the series of textures that lead to these. 
Galaxy, lightning bolts running in the sky, trees rooting in the earth and growing life, veins, coral in the sea.
And the blood vessels and nerve cells that flow through our bodies ...

A series of situations that lead to these. The mystery that everything is connected by one.
A fractal texture that goes on to the end of the universe infinitely and forever.
We and the universe are one.

Adam Weston 

Adam Weston has studios based in Hawaii and Takamatsu, Japan, and is engaged in production activities. This photo is a production scene in Hawaii. The studio has a gallery, which mainly exhibits large works


Adam's technique is to create an uneven base with gesso. Then paint with acrylic paint and scrape off the surface after it dries. Repeat this process until you get a deep color.


Adam, who moved from the big city of NY to the birthplace of his Japanese wife, seems to like the scenery of the Seto Inland Sea from Yajima. From here as well, it can be said that he is an artist who pursues spirituality rather than materialism. 

The charm of Adam Weston and the highlights of the work.

Good humanity is an absolute requirement for my favorite artist. The artist is the creator of the work. If the parent's spirituality is wrong, bad vibrations will be transferred to the created work, and the person who purchased the work will unknowingly receive bad vibrations in their lives. increase. The surface layer of the human body emits gases such as etheric body, astral body, and mental body, which become waves and propagate through the air, affecting various things and people. I have learned little by little as I spend a lot of time with Adam and his wife, Chiju, to deepen their exchanges. It means that you can talk for hours and you can't talk, you can spend that time very comfortably, and you can share your irreplaceable time. It's indirect but very exciting to hear from Adam, who has lived in the same era in New York while doing the same graphic design work as me, about New York art and music that he had in mind in Japan. It's a moment.

The highlight of Adam's work is the connection with life, the earth, and the universe based on his background and original experience. He is said to have died in a car accident as a child. I think this is the reason why I am obsessed with life. It is said that he has been accustomed to Japan since he was a child, such as the kappa dolls and Hokusai's art books that his father, who had opened an atelier in Ginza, brought back to New York as a souvenir. Due to the divorce of his parents, he must have separated from his father, traveled around the world with his mother, returned to the United States, and lived in the cold land, which must have been the source of human formation.

It was inevitable that Japanese Chiju met Adam while studying abroad in New York. The fractal textures in Adam's work tell the story of his father's fate. As an example of fractal, it is a self-similarity in which a tree in nature resembles a branch of a trunk, a branch of a twig, and a spread of veins. The abstract paintings he draws may use their self-similarities to compare them to their own lives. There are good things and bad things in a long life cycle. It is oneself who branches like this vein and always stands at the crossroads of life and makes choices. It's as if another person is looking at his life from a bird's-eye view in one painting by Adam. You can feel that the present is a part of that branch, the one beyond it is the future, and what is contained in this one picture is the life of a human being. .. Is color the identity of each person?

Looking at it like that, abstract paintings never get tired of looking at them over and over again. Depending on the mood of the day, I think that what you can take differently is the self-projection when you face the painting.

Incorporating Adam Weston's work into your life will always reset you and guide you in the right direction. VIGLOWA Hidenori Shinohara 

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