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How to decorate your art nicely with your interior


Decorate in the living room
A public space where you can entertain customers with art.

The living room of the condominium also functions as a guest room to entertain customers. If you decorate the living room of a house with a lot of visitors with art that gives a masculine impression, it will be more suitable as a public space. The interior is simple and high-class, with similar colors and high-quality materials, but gray tends to give a blurry impression. So, I arranged three thick black frame photos to match the urban and calm space, and tried to make the whole atmosphere tight. If you arrange the same frames side by side, you will get a neat impression. The art on the wall is a drawing-like art photo that depicts the trajectory of the stars. By decorating the living room with a picture of the starry sky, you will be reminded that you are living in a beautiful universe even in a life where you do not often see the stars in the city. Relaxing on the sofa every night and thinking about the universe will help you calm down. Blue colors have a calming effect on people in nerve-intensive professions.

◉ Interior color palette
Elegant art that fits in a gentle space.

The beautifully colored acrylic painting is combined with the clean and gentle interior of the ivory system. The simple and natural interior can be a bit lonely and monotonous. The transparent paintings that make you feel the light make the space even more lively. Rikke Darling's Northern Lights series features transparent colors and organic lines that mix, giving you the energy and mystery of the origins of space and life. From the painting on the white background that is not in the frame, the flowing lines seem to extend to the wall as it is, imagining a light, elegant yet dynamic movement. It seems that the works displayed on the two walls interact with each other and fill the room with bright light. Even in bad weather such as winter and rainy season in northern countries, it will illuminate the residents brightly and warmly. These two works were drawn by Rikke Darling, looking forward to coming to Japan, thinking from Denmark to a foreign country.

◉ Interior color palette
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