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Marc le Mune

Mental Room Rome Flower

I was born in Lorient, France in 1957 as the third son, grew up in Morlaix at the age of 16, and met photography. He became a newspaper reporter in West France at the age of 17, and for a year joined the Air Force as an aerial photographer until the age of 18.

After that, I couldn't do anything good creative in Brittany, so I decided to go to Paris at the age of 22. There, I found jobs in advertising fashion photography, still photography, etc. in a big studio and stayed there for a year, but after all, I found that all these experiences weren't for me. ..

In 1980, I decided to earn my living expenses along with my own personal work. It was the beginning of the difficulties and still continues. I started painting from 1983 to 1990. I wasn't interested in reality.

Establish a "hand color picture" to color your photos yourself.

In 1985, he made his debut at the "Exhibition of Up-and-coming Photographers Under 30" sponsored by the National Center for Photography.

Became a researcher at Villa Medici (Academy de France) for one year from 1989.

In 1995, he received the SCAM (Civil society of mutlimedia authors) photography award.

Currently active in the fields of nudity, still life, landscape and portraiture.

Expression of Marc le Mune

While studying literature at university, he taught himself painting and photography.
After studying literature in Morlaix, he met photography in 1972 and settled in Paris in 1979.

In about a decade, Marc Le Mune developed a unique style of black-and-white photography with colored pencils. Le Mune, whose spiritual formation was greatly influenced by literature and art, consciously heads for a fictional world. The first subject was still life (teacups, vases, fruits, flowers), but soon he began to model himself. He cuts out and fills his silhouette to create his dream of mixing past artistic memories (such as expressionist films and classical paintings of the 20s) with hallucinations. From 1985 to 1990, I shot a series of nudes, and in parallel I walked around Paris at night, shooting street statues inside. From 1989 to 1990, he stayed as a researcher at Villa Medici (Academy de France) in Rome, entrusting his dreams to the garden of Borghese, the statues and vegetation of the Roman Forum.

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