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Monsieur Tokuoka

Paris 21 Ward

A dream or a humor ...

Over the past 10 years, I have visited Paris more than 20 times and continue to take pictures of the flea market in my daily life. Actually, when I come back to Tokyo, I still wonder what those days in Paris were. If I didn't leave it in the picture, I think it was a dream. There are only 20 wards in Paris. Another city in my heart, Paris 21 Ward, is a "dream and soul (reality) Tamayura (reality) Tamayura" created by the relationship between a love affair that thinks of Paris and a sympathetic love that willingly accepts and reacts to it. It is a city of love that exists in (a moment). Monsieur Tokuoka 2011.6.21

It can't be called color, it can't be called monochrome,

The world of "between dreams and humming".

I met Monsieur Tokuoka about 10 years ago. Introduced by our staff, he showed me a huge amount of work as an art director of advertising creative. Carefree smiles of Parisians, unrealistic landscape photographs that appear in French movies. Looking at them, I couldn't tell if it was a dream or a reality. If the real world is a real color photograph, then a monochrome photograph seems like an unrealistic dream world. This time, I expressed the gap between that dream and reality in a world that cannot be said to be color or monochrome.

A person's facial expression is like a mirror. If you look at the person who poses for the camera and the lovely smiling Parisian citizen, you can see how attractive Monsieur Tokuoka is on this side of the camera.


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