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silhouette silhouette

The scent of the wind that sleeps in the depths of my heart. Shadow puppets awaken the memories of distant days when they were young. In an era when there were no video games, adults used to combine their hands with children and project various silhouettes on the wall. In the everyday world, shadows play a supporting role, but when it comes to shadow puppets, shadows take the initiative and move vigorously like creatures awakened from sleep. When you close your eyes, you can see yourself standing comfortably in the meadow. When you open your hands and look up, you will see various silhouettes of light on the back of your closed eyelids, and when you are immersed in a nostalgic world, a pleasant breeze will grab your cheeks.

Tsutomu Takasaki / Photo / silhouette 02

  • Wooden frame (black) using transparent acrylic / frame outer dimensions 472 mm x 593 mm (half-cut) / archival pigment print / open edition / statement, with gallery certificate / * The color of the product may differ from the actual product depending on the condition of the display you are viewing. Please note that there may be differences.

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