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Lightness of Being

Outer space that seems to be far from the earth. And our body and mind. The greatest interest in Adam Weston's creation is that these distant macro and micro worlds are connected in an inseparable relationship. His curiosity goes to the mystery of the series of textures that lead to them.  Galaxy, lightning bolts running in the sky, trees rooting in the earth and growing life, veins, coral in the sea. And the blood vessels and nerve cells that flow through our bodies ... The mystery that everything is connected by one. A fractal texture that continues to infinity and forever to the ends of the universe. We and the universe are one. Adam Weston's monoprint series.

Adam Weston / Lightness of Being-L002

  • Wooden frame (black / oak / natural) Clear acrylic used / Frame outer dimensions 366 mm x 442 mm (quarter cut) / Monoprint on Strathmore paper / Statement, with gallery certificate / * Product color is the state of the display you are viewing Please note that there may be slight differences from the actual product.

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