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Mental Room

In about a decade, Marc Le Mune developed his own style of black-and-white photography with colored pencils. Le Mune, whose spirit formation was greatly influenced by literature and art, consciously heads for a fictional world. The first subject was still life (teacups, vases, fruits, flowers), but soon he began to model himself. He cuts out and fills his silhouette to create his dream of mixing past artistic memories (such as expressionist films and classical paintings of the 20s) with illusions. From 1985 to 1990, I shot a series of nudes, walking around Paris at night in parallel, shooting street statues inside. From 1989 to 1990, he stayed as a researcher at Villa Medici (Academy de France) in Rome, entrusting his dreams to the garden of Borghese, the statues and vegetation of the Roman Forum.

Marc LE MENE / Nude01

  • This work is a gelatin silver print with an edition that has arrived only once.
    Wooden frame (black / oak / natural) using transparent acrylic / frame outer dimensions 442 mm x 563 mm (half-cut) / gelatin silver print (gelatin silver print) / edition 2/25 / with gallery certificate / * Please see the product colors Please note that there may be slight differences from the actual product depending on the condition of the displayed display.

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