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Takayoshi Oshida


A series of moments of time, a feeling of floating that exists between them.

I want to take a picture by meeting the ballet dancer Aimi Hariyama! I want to stop the time! I was shocked like I had never felt before. I consider dance and music to be the art of time. With the passage of time, there are continuous movements that sometimes drift and sometimes resist . The same moment will never come again, which is why it is beautiful and memorable. I expressed various thoughts and beauty, such as prayer, hope, and loneliness, which exist in a series of moments of time, floating quietly in the meantime, with photographs that are momentary arts. Photographer Takayoshi Oshida

Everyone will feel beautiful when they see something beautiful. Ballet dance feels grace and artistry in the body and its movements, which are carefully trained to the tempo of music. If you use the technique of photography and just make the image dry and tasteless, it will become a documentary called "ballet dance". From a sculptural point of view, a clear outline is easily perceived by many people, but a vague outline like this work is not just a simple movement blur, but a violent movement. After that, I feel a beautiful floating feeling, trying to keep up with my body with a slight delay.

Emi Hariyama Ballet Dancer

Graduated from Bolshoi Ballet School at the top. As a principal in the Moscow Music Theater Ballet Company, Essen Ballet Company (Germany), US Ballet International, Cleveland San Jose Ballet Company, and Boston Ballet Company, she has been active in the Berlin State Ballet Company led by Vladimir Malahoff for 10 years. Invited to the Leningrad National Ballet, starring in "Swan Lake" and "Giselle", with great success. Received an award from the Minister when he starred in "Swan Lake" and "Giselle" at the Ulan-Ude National Ballet Company.

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