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Tsutomu Takasaki


A faint breath.

In today's world, where tumultuous incidents are bustling with newspapers every day, I am very anxious when I think of the children who will live in the future. But I can't help being pessimistic, and I have no choice but to think about what I can do. It may be hard to live, but it will be wonderful if there is someone to be close to. In words, it may be commonplace, but it may be a way of expressing gratitude to those who supported me and a message to future children.

The two silhouettes are ephemeral and beautiful because they overlap with "life". If you just want to decorate a photo of a beautiful flower, you should plant the actual flower. Keeping in mind the "bonds", I continued to take pictures to create a moment when the plants were intertwined and created a beautiful form. However, it is undeniable that it started vaguely at the beginning. During the 7-year production period, he witnessed "bereavement" and "birth", and the "beauty", "joy", "fragility", "pain", and "transience" of living. , Etc. were condensed and experienced. So, I wasn't the same myself seven years after I started shooting.

I hope this work will be a mirror of the viewer. Then, in December 2010, I realized the joy of living while feeling the "breathing" of someone by my side, and believed that the world would gradually move in a gentle direction.

I think that not only our lives but also our values have changed since the recent earthquake. No, before the wonders of nature, human values are modest. I wondered what I could do for myself, but I was encouraged by the fresh words of the people in the disaster area that I heard every day. It may be awkward to want to change something with a photograph, but I hope it will be a comforting work for the heart that has at least deep sorrow.

Spring 2011 Tsutomu Takasaki



Over the last few years, a lot of things have happened to catch up. The decline of the Japanese economy and the great earthquake. No one would have expected such a big natural disaster to happen while they were alive. But that's what happens. With that in mind, I realized again that it is necessary to have a way to live a strong life.
In this "Breath. Exhibition", photographer Tsutomu Takasaki witnessed the bereavement and birth during the seven-year production period, and experienced the beauty, joy, fragility, pain, and fragility of life. It is a compilation of the photographs. Even in such an uneasy era, it can only be noticed when we are close to each other, help each other, and have a bond with our family and people. It was someone who was closer enough to hear a faint breath than someone who shouted loudly. When you look at people close to you, the world may gradually start to move in a gentle direction. 

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