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小野 強志

Tsuyoshi Ono


The magnificent natural vitality attracts my eyes and keeps me. That's because I have a fear and longing for nature.
Nature always feels an invisible power that transcends human beings in every sense.
That is why it is respected and loved.
Nature that you should have known may show a different expression like a sudden hit.
It is no longer what I had imagined, and nature with new colors and immeasurable depth emerges.
That was a strong inspiration and one of me. Tsuyoshi Ono

The scenery of the goddess watching over us.

We Japanese have worshiped nature as a god since ancient times. People have shared a small land area and scarce resources, and have cherished and helped each other with limited resources. We sincerely appreciate the blessings of nature and have worshiped nature by calling all things eight million gods. Shinto has accepted and coexisted with the gods and Buddhas of the world. Today's Japan has rapidly developed by incorporating the civilization of the world, but it has caused various harmful effects. In a small land, we didn't have to go as fast as the continent, and we could live as long as we cherished the resources in front of us. I know that it doesn't work in globalization, but I want to cherish the traditional spirituality of Japan. The title was dared to be GAIA because of the spirit of eight million gods who accept both the West and the East. I hope you can feel such a thing from this work.


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